Ali Rastiello

I'm obsessed with the idea of pairing beauty alongside efficiency and innovation. I love the creativity of marketing, but I always think in terms of logistics like an engineer. In my mind, that’s the definition of a B2B marketing and operations expert.

But my real superpower lies in creating teams that thrive on transparency and grit. I inspire greatness in people by leading with my heart, learning what makes them tick, investing in their talent, and respecting them as individuals. We get into the trenches together, celebrate the highs, and bounce back from the lows as one team.

What I Do

Demand Generation

Crafting creative, action-inspiring integrated campaigns with operational precision.


Drafting messaging frameworks, developing personas, and outlining compelling content journeys.


Creating simple and efficient ways for Marketing teams to execute and measure.


Inspiring greatness in people, leading with my heart, providing vision and purpose for my teams.