Brand Architect

What does that mean, exactly?

I don't think it's a common term. I think I made it up. But if I didn't, I'll gladly give whomever props. It's honestly the most concise way I know to describe what I do.

I use that term because I am an expert not only in the strategic and creative part of B2B marketing, but I can operationalize it too. It's not a superpower most people have, to be honest. I know very few that can work both sides of the brain to be creative and process-oriented. But I can, and I glide effortlessly between both.

It's not necessarily something I do all on my own. It works when a team of smart marketers comes together, who understand the overall vision and the part they play in bringing it to life. Everyone from product marketing to campaigns, content, design, and operations must understand the strategy, goals, the order of operations in which work needs to be done to execute, and how to measure success.

Crossfunctional handoffs are where I see most teams stumble. Someone hasn't provided the vision, the path, and the success metrics for everyone to activate. Teams have too many competing priorities, and no clear, actionable marching orders.

On top of that, executives are often pushing to execute a strategy without the operational foundations in place. Executives who don't understand the operational challenges of bringing their vision to life can't provide the guidance or aircover their teams need to drive to success.

You need a person who can provide the vision and draft a blueprint that connects all the dots, so teams can activate and hit the company goals.

You need an architect.

You need me.